Personal Good Karma — an early holiday present from PointsBet

In 2019, PointsBet created the Karma Kommittee, which has the power to refund clients who have been victimized by bad officiating or plain ol’ bad luck.

Now PointsBet is taking the next step by giving new customers the power to decide which bad beat hurt the most.

It’s called Personal Good Karma, and here’s how it works:

1) New clients who have signed up on or after Dec. 7 are eligible.

2) Place 10+ Cash Bets in December; they can be bets on the spread, moneyline, props or parlays. Anything but in-play wagers.

3) The initial refund period is Dec. 28-31.

4) Beginning Dec. 28, clients must select their worst bad beat of the month via the Settled Bets Page in the app/website. Take a screenshot of the bet details with the receipt number showing, and email it to

5) Within 24 hours of receiving the email, the Karma Kommittee will supply clients with a Personalized Good Karma refund of up to $100 in Free Bets.

Keep in mind: The Karma Kommittee will continue issuing refunds to ease bettors’ pain on select games. And now there’s more power to the people. So if you’re in need of good karma, we’ve got your back!

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