Karma Kommittee to Nuggets’ bettors after Murray injury: We have your back

After Jamal Murray went down, Steph Curry tried to lift him up, saying: “My heart goes out to him.”

Murray tore his left ACL Monday night, and the injury was so damaging to the star point guard and his Denver Nuggets, even opposing players such as Curry expressed support.

We’re doing the same. The PointsBet Karma Kommittee has determined that all clients who wagered on Denver to win the NBA title before the injury will be protected. If the Nuggets still go all the way, the bets pay out. If the Nuggets fall short, they will be refunded in Free Bets.

The odds may be longer now for Nuggets backers, but it will be a free ride for the ones who backed them on PointsBet.

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