How to bet Thanksgiving Football: 10 Intriguing Opportunities

Yes, we’re all bummed that the Ravens-Steelers game was pushed back to Sunday. PointsBet has voided all special bets involving Ravens-Steelers as a Thursday showdown.

But the “PointsGiving” holiday soldiers on.

Here are 10 intriguing options for Thursday’s action at PointsBet

1) The Grand Salami, featured atop our NFL page: This is a great way to get your money’s worth – one wager that covers seven hours of football. You can bet the over-under for all three games combined (96.5) or select a total scoring “band”: 80+ points (-435), 100+ points (+128), 120-plus points (+540) or 140-plus points (+1800).

2) American as Apple Pie: Will the two traditional Thanksgiving teams, the Lions and Cowboys, both win? We’re offering that combo at +297.

3) Pointsbetting QB passing yards: Under Pointsbetting and then Featured Wagers, check out the totals for Alex Smith (Washington) and Andy Dalton (Dallas). If Dalton goes well under 249 or well over 259, you can make bank. Same for Smith’s figures of 242 and 252. Pointsbetting works as a multiplier. For example, check out this sizzling wager made by betting guru Joe Ostrowski:

Brady passed for 216 yards. If you got him at 282 and bet the under for $5 (a yard), you won $330. Whoa. Maybe it’s time to root for the Washington or Dallas secondaries.

4) Any Texans or Lions Quarterback Reaching 3+ Total Touchdowns (-182): Deshaun Watson has produced 22 touchdowns (including two on the ground) in 10 games. Matthew Stafford has racked up 17. The Texans have the NFL’s lowest-rated pass defense, and the Lions are nine from the bottom. Hmmm …

5) NFL Booster: Stafford and Watson to combine for 4+ total touchdowns. This juicy offering has been boosted from -230 to -150.

6) Stafford and Watson combine for 600+ passing yards: Also under Name A Bet, you can lock in this joyride at -112. It’s a great way to bet a game if you simply want to root for entertainment.

7) Outcome of First Drive: In a hurry to cash in a ticket? Go to More Wagers under either game. The Washington-Dallas odds go like this: Field Goal Attempted (+360), Punt (-150), Touchdown (+300) or Turnover (+650).

8) Will there be a safety? If you’re the type to root for a holding penalty in the end zone, do we have a bet for you! Find it under Defensive Wagers. The Washington-Dallas game is offering Yes at +900 and No at -2500.

9) Cross Team Points: Under PointsBetting and Multipliers, these offerings are not for the faint of heart (and light of wallet). Cross Team Points multiplies the teams’ point totals. Let’s say you take the over in Texans-Lions, which is 703. If the final score is 31-27, that’s 837, and you’d win 134 times your stake. If the game is a shutout, you might want to get a second job.

10) Pick Your Own Spread: It’s just like it sounds. If you’re feeling really bullish about the Cowboys you can get them at +675 by laying 20.5 points. If you want to play it safe, you can take Dallas +14.5 but at -1250.

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