Hey Virginia — PointsBet is doing something incredible with NFL betting

If you bet on the Orioles, the Washington Football Team or ACC hoops, you know all about -110. It’s the price of doing business. Industry standard.

But what if a sportsbook existed that smashed convention? One that offered the best prices, allowing clients to bet on NFL spreads with no vig?

Welcome to PointsBet. We are so committed to giving our clients the world’s best – and fastest – betting experience, we are introducing “No Juice” lines for NFL games in September.

Our competitors will hate us. So will your bookie. Too bad.

Here’s the plan: We’ll offer even money (+100) and post those odds 48 hours before kickoff. That allows clients to bet $100 – and get $100. You keep all the profit. We’re even allowing these spreadline bets to be included in parlays.

Note that some games might feature plus-money lines (+105, +110, etc.). We’ll balance those out (-105, -110, etc.) to arrive at +100.

Stay tuned, Virginians, to learn when you can begin to take advantage of this incredible offer from PointsBet.

Stop burning money with other books!

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