Hey there, West Virginia. Let’s talk about PointsBet and free cash

FREE MONEY. Can you think of a better two-word tandem?

PointsBet is so eager to celebrate our West Virginia launch that we’re offering a promo called the “Take Me Home Booster.”

Here’s how it works: Pick any MLB team to score at least one run Sunday. We’re offering odds of +100 – even money. The max bet is $20.

A little advice: The MLB’s highest-scoring teams have been the Astros, Dodgers and Blue Jays. The Astros play the Angels, who are in the league’s bottom third in team ERA. Or maybe select the Red Sox? They host the Orioles, who have given up the most runs in baseball.

If that’s not enough of a sure thing, consider our “Tom Brady On The House Booster.”

All Brady has to do is throw for one yard in the Bucs’ Sept. 9 season opener against the Cowboys. Not rush for a yard; throw for one. Again we’re offering odds of +100, with a max bet of $10.

We did something similar for UFC 263. Once Israel Adesanya threw a single punch in his fight, PointsBet clients doubled their $10 stake.

So there you have it, West Virginia – free money. Our gift from PointsBet.

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