Hello, Michigan: PointsBet celebrates its entry to your state by asking ‘What if …?’

Michigan is a state of Great Lakes, passionate sports fans and now, PointsBet.

To celebrate our entry into Michigan, we created a month-long promotion, and asked ourselves: What if PointsBet had been around in 1984, when the Tigers staked their claim as the best MLB team of all time? Or 20 years later, when the Pistons reigned? How about if we’d been legal during the Barry Sanders or Steve Yzerman eras? Or during landmark victories by the Michigan and Michigan State football teams?

Here’s a list of our great moments – real and imagined – in Michigan sports betting history.

*The 1984 Tigers opened the season 35-5. That got us thinking: What are the odds that an MLB team will win at least 35 of its first 40 games in 2021? The PointsBet Name A Bet feature allows clients to get creative and pitch wagers. Our traders put this offering at +5000, or 50-to-1. 

*The Michigan Wolverines clobbered Notre Dame in 2019, winning 45-14 as a one-point favorite. PointsBet has pioneered pointsbetting, which works as a multiplier. With a one-point spread and 31-point victory, bettors would have made 30 times their stake — $300 on a $10 bet. 

*Steve Yzerman was outstanding for the 1988-89 Red Wings, finishing third in the NHL in both goals (65) and assists (90). What were the odds of his finishing first in both categories? Had there been a Name A Bet option to start that season, our traders estimate the offering would have paid +4000, or 40-to-1. 

*The Lions’ Barry Sanders gashed the Vikings for 220 yards and four touchdowns in 1991. PointsBet offers a pointsbetting multiplier of rushing touchdowns times yards that would have yielded a figure of 880 (!). An example from 2020 came when the Titans’ Derrick Henry rushed for 178 yards and three touchdowns against the Colts. That multiplied to 534, and the line was 109, so the bet yielded 425 times the stake.

*The Pistons were +1500 (15/1) to win the NBA title in 2004. They needed only five games to defeat the Lakers, who opened the season at a mere +140. 

*Michigan State trailed Northwestern 38-3 in 2006. And the Spartans entered as losers of four straight games. What were their live odds of rallying for the victory? Our traders estimate it at +10000 (100/1). Final score: 41-38. No wonder PointsBet’s In Play feature is immensely popular.

And here is the promo, a win-win scenario for Michigan clients: At the end of January, PointsBet will either double your winnings in Free Bets or refund your net losses in Free Bets. The maximum doubled or refunded is $100. Hope you take full advantage, Michigan!

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