Greetings, West Virginia! Here’s what you should know about PointsBet

The PointsBet pledge is to bring clients the fastest betting experience in the world. Considering how quickly the company has grown, you’d be foolish to bet against us. 

PointsBet launched in 2017 in Australia with an emphasis on U.S. sports. We debuted in New Jersey in 2019 and have since added Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, Michigan and Virginia. Next up: West Virginia!

What differentiates PointsBet from its competitors? Our name derives from an alternative way of wagering called pointsbetting, which works as a multiplier. The more you’re right, the more you win. A blowout can transform a $10 stake into a $200 victory. Of course we also have the traditional spreads, moneylines, totals, props, parlays, teasers and futures. We offer about 1,000 ways to bet each NFL game.

Our Name A Bet feature allows clients to create wagers – and bet on them. A recent example: Will Vladimir Guerrero hit for the Triple Crown? That pays +1500 – or 15-to-1.

If that doesn’t interest you, maybe this will: Both West Virginia and Marshall to record seven or more regular-season victories this season. Our traders (i.e. oddsmakers) priced that at +150.

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