5 Intriguing Super Bowl bets: Pointsbetting the Chiefs

If you’re a PointsBet client who has never tried pointsbetting, you’re not enjoying our app in stereo sound.

Pointsbetting works as a multiplier: The more you’re right, the more you win. The more you’re wrong, the more you drop.

For example: The pointsbetting Under for total points in the Super Bowl is 55. If you bet $10 on that Under and the final score is 27-24 (51 total points), you win four times your stake — $40.

Here are five intriguing pointsbetting options on the Chiefs:

Patrick Mahomes Passing Yards x Touchdowns: This bet can get saucy, depending on the stake. The under is 829 and the over is 941. Against the Bills, Mahomes threw for 325 yards and three TDs. That’s 975. So if the spread had been 941 and you took the Over for $10, you would have won $340.

Tyreek Hill Longest Receiving Play (Under: 31; Over: 36): Hill broke free for a 71-yarder against the Bills. One week earlier, his longest play went for 26. So which will it be Sunday?

Mecole Hardman Touchdown Minutes (Under: 11; Over: 13): A low-risk, high-reward offering that works like this: If Hardman scores in the 20th minute, the result is 20. If he scores again in the 50th minute, the result is 70. If he fails to score, the result is 0. So you can’t lose more than 11 times your stake. And overtime counts.

Game Interceptions: 0.8/1.2: A Chiefs-Bucs combo bet that’s only compelling if you wager a lot. If you bet $100 on the Over and no picks are thrown, you lose $120. But if the teams combine for three interceptions (Tom Brady himself threw three against the Packers), you’d win $180.

Travis Kelce First Touchdown Accelerator (46): PointsBet describes this wager as “a more thrilling way to bet on first touchdown scorer markets.” Kelce will earn 150 points if he scores the game’s first touchdown, 75 for second, 50 for third, 25 for fourth and 10 for fifth. The points accumulate for multiple scores. If there’s no spike or touchdown dance, his total is zero.

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