5 Intriguing Super Bowl bets: Pointsbetting the Bucs

If you need a quick refresher on pointsbetting, check out our last piece on the PointsBet blog. Hopefully you’re an old pro by now and ready to explore intriguing ways to pointsbet the Bucs:

Tampa Bay line (+1.5): Unlike with Fixed Odds, each team has a distinct pointsbetting line. If you think Tom Brady & Co. will maul the Chiefs, this is the bet to make. If the Bucs win by 10, you get a massive return on investment – 11.5 times your stake. (But if the Chiefs win big, look out.) Note that you can protect yourself with our Stop Loss Adjuster, located above “Wager.” Fiddle around until you’re comfortable.

Tampa Bay Match Points (Under/Over 26/27.5): This is also straightforward. Pick a side depending on how many points you think the Brady Bunch will score. Select a stake. If you think the Bucs will put up 21 points, take the under and you’ll win five times your stake (26 minus 21).

Chris Godwin Receiving Yards x Touchdowns (Under/Over 47/55): This is a hearty risk-reward bet. If Godwin doesn’t score, his total is zero. If he puts up the monster numbers he did Jan. 3 against the Falcons – 2 TD catches with 133 yards – you’d win over 200 times (!) your stake.

Multipliers: Game Multi Points (Under/Over 736/836): Multiply the total points in the first half by the total points in the second to come up with this total. If it’s 30 times 30, you will wish you took the over. If it’s like the 2019 game between the Rams and Patriots (3 x 13= 39), the under will be glorious.

Largest Lead Squared: 366/426: Another funky one. If you foresee a tight game, with no team leading by more than 19 points (19×19=361), take the under. Think we’re headed to Blowout City? Take the over.

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