PointsBet Karma Kommittee rules on Jets’ miracle loss


The winless Jets, +285 on the moneyline, lead the Raiders 28-24 and have the ball with less than a minute to play. Moneyline bettors can practically taste the juicy steaks from Peter Luger.


The Jets punt it back to Las Vegas with 42 seconds left. Derek Carr faces a third-and-10 from the Jets’ 47-yard line with 13 ticks to go. He steps up in the pocket, finds speedster Henry Ruggs III in single coverage and launches it to the end zone. Ruggs hauls it in!


How could the Jets bite on a double move and let Ruggs go free?! The Raiders needed a touchdown, not a field goal. Is this (more) evidence of a tank for Trevor Lawrence? The Karma Kommittee convenes an immediate session.


A Good Karma Payout is in order. PointsBet customers who bet the Jets moneyline will have their bets refunded in full in the form of free bets!

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