How to Bet the Best Games of the 2021 NFL Season

We know the matchups for the 2021 NFL Season. We finally know the dates. But we know only some of the point spreads.

PointsBet has posted lines for Week 1, which features Cowboys-Bucs, Browns-Chiefs and Ravens-Raiders on Monday night. Here’s a look at the season’s 10 most intriguing games with my suggested line and how to bet the best games of the 2021 NFL Season:

1) Bucs at Patriots (Week 4)
WHY IT’S HUGE: Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. vs. William Stephen Belichick. (That was exhausting.)
BET CONSIDERATION: Will Cam Newton or Mac Jones be taking the snaps for the Pats?
TGSL (Teddy G Suggested Line): Bucs -5
PB line: Bucs -4

2) Bills at Chiefs (Week 5)
WHY IT’S HUGE: An AFC Championship game rematch
BET CONSIDERATION: The Bills should come in angry after what transpired in that game – from a 9-0 lead to a 38-15 deficit.
TGSL: Chiefs -4.5
PB line: Chiefs -6.5

3) Packers at Chiefs (Week 9)
 WHY IT’S HUGE: As google and your grandpa know, this is a Super Bowl I rematch
BET CONSIDERATION: Name a Jeopardy host who never gets consulted on his team’s draft picks.
TGSL: Chiefs -4 or -9, depending on whereabouts of No. 12
PB line: Chiefs -4.5

4) Browns at Steelers (Week 17)
WHY IT’S HUGE: The Turnpike Rivalry has featured a whole lot of nasty, including the Myles Garrett/Mason Rudolph assault
BET CONSIDERATION: The Browns beat the Steelers 48-37 in one of the strangest playoff games in league history. Pittsburgh had won the previous 17 meetings at Heinz Field.
TGSL: Steelers -1
PB line: Steelers -0.5

5) Bills at Bucs (Week 14)
WHY IT’S HUGE: A Super Bowl preview? (Don’t hate on me, Chiefs fans.)
BET CONSIDERATION: Josh Allen went from completing 58.8% in 2019 to 69.2% last season. And his TD passes surged from 20 to 37. What’s on tap?
TGSL: Bucs -3.5
PB line: Bucs -4.5

6) Chiefs at Ravens (Week 2)
WHY IT’S HUGE: The Chiefs have the NFL’s highest over-under win total (12.5). The Ravens (10.5) are not far behind.
BET CONSIDERATION: The Ravens were actually better on the road (6-2) than home (5-3) last season.
PB line: Chiefs -1

7) Bucs at Rams (Week 3)
WHY IT’S HUGE: Gunslingers Brady and Matthew Stafford are worth the price of admission alone.
BET CONSIDERATION: Will the Rams continue to have the NFL’s stingiest defense in 2021?
TGSL: Bucs -3
PB line: Bucs -1.5

8) Packers at 49ers (Week 3)
WHY IT’S HUGE: These starry franchises have met in the postseason seven times.
BET CONSIDERATION: The Packers drilled the 49ers in November, leading 34-3 at one point. Then again, San Fran’s QB was backup Nick Mullens.
TGSL: Too many QB variables on both sides (Blake Bortles?!) to hazard a guess
PB line: Packers -1

9) Cowboys at Patriots (Week 6)
WHY IT’S HUGE: These glossy teams have met only four times in the last 17 seasons.
BET CONSIDERATION: How will Dak Prescott 2.0 compare with the original?
TGSL: Pats -2.5
PB line: Pats -1

10) Jags at Jets (Week 16)
WHY IT’S HUGE: Did the Jets screw up (again) by taking Zach Wilson? And will Tim Teeeeebow still have a jersey?
BET CONSIDERATION: Will either team be tank-for-Thibodeaux mode? (Oregon’s Kayvon Thibodeaux is projected to go No. 1.)
TGSL: Jets -1
PB line: Jets -2

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