Hey West Virginia — Get to know why people love PointsBet

PointsBet is days from launching in West Virginia.

Why should you choose the sportsbook that promises the “fastest betting experience in the world”?

Many reasons. Here are three:

1) No Juice

2) MLB Single Game Parlay Insurance

3) Parlay Booster

*Juice is the “tax” sportsbooks charge for making bets. Standard is -110, meaning a client wagers $110 to make a $100 profit. PointsBet offers the best odds on U.S. sports, often reducing that number to -105. We even have “no juice” specials. We offered +100 (even money) on both sides during the NBA’s Play-In Tournament and the first round of the NBA playoffs. We also did that for the first two rounds of the NFL playoffs – and in the week after the Super Bowl spread was revealed.

*People love betting low-risk, high-reward parlays. But too often, it seems, they lose on one leg. We’ve come up with the solution: MLB Single Game Parlay Insurance. Place an MLB SGP of four or more legs and if one leg whiffs, you receive a match (up to $25) in Free Bets.

*Our clients receive one “token” every day for a parlay booster. It’s simple: Create a parlay of three or more legs and then hit the lightning icon. A wager that has odds of +977 suddenly increases to +1066. Here’s what that means: Instead of wagering $100 to win $977, the profit would be $1,066. Try finding a competitor or Vegas sportsbook to offer that!

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