5 Intriguing Super Bowl bets: Special teams, big payouts

In 2015 the NFL moved back PATs, requiring the game’s Robbie Goulds and Justin Tuckers to make it from 33 yards, rather than 20. Some snickered, but the decision did the job: We now pay attention to extra points, especially when the spread is, say, 6.5.

What can make the work of Super Bowl kickers Harrison Butker and Ryan Succop even more interesting? Glad you asked.

Here are five intriguing Special Teams wagers at PointsBet:

1) Opening kickoff to be a touchback: (Yes: -300; No +230): If you’re not into wagering on the coin flip, here is your first opportunity to cash a ticket. TeamRankings.com has Tampa Bay 2nd and Kansas City 4th in the NFL in Touchback Percentage – 84.3% and 75.5% respectively. And won’t the kickers be extra juiced? What other factors could be in play? Wind? Turf firmness at Raymond James Stadium?!

2) First successful FG distance: There are six options: Zero (+1600), 1-22 yards (+800), 23-29 yards (+325), 37-43 yards (+250), 44-49 yards (+350) and 50+ yards (+500). Succop has nailed 36 of 39 tries, postseason included, with a long of 50. Butker has connected on 29 of 32 with a long of 58.

5) Longest successful FG (Over/Under 47.5): I asked myself this question before seeing the number and guessed 44.5 yards. So you know what side I’d be on.

4) Either team to successfully recover an onside kick (Yes: +2500): Jim Nantz noted that the Bills’ high-hopper against the Chiefs was the first successful onside kick in the postseason since 2015. Hence the juicy 25-to-1 payoff in the Super Bowl. A greater payoff would have come if someone had asked 20 years ago: What are the odds that the two kickers will be named Butker and Succop?

5) Will either team not punt (Yes: +650; No -1429)? Chiefs punter Tommy Townsend should be permitted to watch Netflix during games. Andy Reid did not summon him against the Browns and called his number only once against the Bills. So the ‘yes’ is in play. The Bucs’ Bradley Pinion, by the way, is averaging three boots in the postseason.

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