5 Intriguing Super Bowl bets: Safe and risky Name A Bets

You name it, we price it. That’s the gist of the PointsBet Name A Bet feature, which allows clients to pitch bets on our app.

We expect more to flow in as we approach kickoff. But here are five intriguing ones to get you started:

Any quarterback reaching 300+ passing yards (-700): That’s a heavy price. Then again, this might be as sure a thing as The Weeknd performing “Blinding Lights” at halftime. When these teams met Nov. 29, Patrick Mahomes threw for 462 yards and Tom Brady had 345.

Travis Kelce and Chris Godwin to combine for 200+ receiving yards (+100): Here’s the receiving version of the Mahomes-Brady combo bet. (Mike Evans sold separately.)

Leonard Fournette to get 60+ rushing yards and 1+ touchdown (+220): I would NOT want to be a Chiefs defensive back standing between Fournette and the end zone. His 20-yard jaunt to paydirt against the Packers was the ultimate in speed and power.

Mahomes to get 350+ passing yards and Chiefs win (+250): Mahomes is averaging 312.9 passing yards this season, including the playoffs. If you love Future G.O.A.T., his team and getting 2.5 times on your money, this bet is for you.

Brady throws for 300+ yards and Bucs win by 14+ (+900): Our most generous Name A Bet offering is also the least likely to hit, of course. But if you make it and it does, you deserve a spot in the next Brady-Gronk vid.

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