5 Intriguing Super Bowl bets: Obscure options to win MVP

Remember Larry Brown? No, not the coach who clashed with PointsBet ambassador Allen Iverson.

We mean the one who emerged from total obscurity to become the first cornerback to win Super Bowl MVP. All Brown had to do was intercept the Steelers’ Neil O’Donnell twice in the Cowboys’ 27-17 victory.

PointsBet is offering MVP odds on a remarkable number of players – 57. LeVeon Bell supporters can relive the glory days while taking him at with a +10000, i.e. 100-to-1. Another old-school offering: defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, at +15000.

Here are five more intriguing picks for those who don’t want to play the favorites (Patrick Mahomes -110; Tom Brady +200):

Tyrann Mathieu +3000: The “Honey Badger” weighs just 174 pounds … and half of that is heart. The eighth-year safety will be extra motivated because he’s up against the G.O.A.T. and Bruce Arians coached him in Arizona.

Chris Godwin +3000: Mike Evans’ brutal drop against the Packers might lead Brady to look even more toward Godwin, who made that ridiculous jump-ball catch against the Packers that resembled the work of David Tyree. In a year in which a receiver broke through by winning the Heisman Trophy, maybe one can win Super Bowl MVP.

Mecole Hardman +5000: Speaking of goats, Hardman wanted to go into hiding after muffing a punt inside his own 10-yard line against the Bills. But he made up for it with a 50-yard jaunt that solidified his status as the most slippery man on the field.

Rob Gronkowski +6600: Gronk being Gronk is football’s version of Manny being Manny. It’s a reach to think the 31-year-old tight end with just two grabs this postseason will don a cape next Sunday, but you know bosom buddy Brady will give him every chance.

Sean Murphy-Bunting +15000: The lead of a Tampa Bay Times story says: “In the span of one postseason, Sean Murphy-Bunting has evolved from erratic to historic.” When the second-year cornerback picked off Aaron Rodgers, it extended his playoff interception streak to three games. Guessing even Larry Brown is impressed.

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