5 Intriguing Super Bowl Bets: Lucrative Touchdown wagers

Four seasons and one pandemic ago, Patrick Mahomes made his supporters very happy. You might recall that betting favorite Raheem Mostert (+650) did not score the first touchdown of Super Bowl LIV. Neither did Damien Williams (+600) or Deebo Samuel (+1300). Mahomes plunged in from 1 yard out, paying $2,000 on a $100 bet.

Who will cross the goal line first on Super Bowl Sunday? That is among the intriguing touchdown wagers offered by PointsBet.

1) First TD scorer: The co-favorites are Travis Kelce (+600) and Tyreek Hill (+600), and then the odds bulk up to Leonard Fournette and Mike Evans at +1050. PointsBet is offering action on 31 players, ending with Chiefs backup receiver Gehrig (cool name; props to his parents) Dieter at +10000 (100-to-1). Mahomes pays +2200, and Brady, king of the sneak, is offered at +2800.

2) Anytime TD scorer/Team Wins: Here’s an interesting way to get a big return. A Scotty Miller (remembers him, Packers?) touchdown coupled with a Bucs win pays +800. Couple Clyde Edwards-Helaire with a Chiefs victory for a +260 payout.

3) Longest TD (Over-Under 45.5): Hmmm … the Chiefs’ touchdowns against the Bills were from 3, 6, 1, 1 and 5 yards out. Against Green Bay, the Bucs got home from the 15, 20, 39 and 8-yard-lines.

4) To score 2+ TDs: Kelce and Hill (both +270) have the shortest odds. It would be a helluva story if Antonio Brown (+1000) or Gronk (+1200) reaches the Promised Land twice.

5) Any lineman to score a TD (Yes: +800; No: -2000): Everyone loves a Fat Guy Touchdown. Except if you’ve wagered $2,000 on the ‘No.’ Don’t put it past Andy Reid, who played tackle and guard at BYU.

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