5 Intriguing Super Bowl bets: Boosters and the G.O.A.T promo

If you have not already placed all of your Super Bowl bets, it’s time to go shopping for a great deal at PointsBet. Here are four intriguing boosters and a promo that is not to be missed:

1) Big Game GOAT Insurance: If you’ve seen the graphic, you cannot forget it. A baby G.O.A.T in a Chiefs jersey on the lap of a legend wearing a Bucs No. 12. Here’s how it works: Place a moneyline wager on either team, and if it doesn’t hit, you receive a dollar-for-dollar match in Free Bets up to $50. The only catch: Your team can’t lose by more than 43 points, matching Tom Brady’s age.

2) Patrick Mahomes to win MVP (boosted from -110 to +110): If you think the Chiefs will win, you can takem the on the moneyline at -165. Or you can adopt the theory that if Kansas City wins, there’s no way Mahomes will not win MVP and get a way better price.

3) Hester House Call Super Booster (boosted from +1400 to +1700): Remember when Devin Hester became the first man to return the opening kickoff for a touchdown in the Super Bowl? Everyone in Chicago does. This bet, covering any kick, pays 17-to-1.

4) Tom Brady Over 0.5 rushing yards (boosted from +175 to +200): Will the master of the goalline sneak take the plunge Sunday?

5) Over 2.5 players to attempt a pass (boosted from +140 to +160): The Chiefs had five passers during the regular season: Mahomes, backup Chad Henne, tight end Travis Kelce (two), punter Tommy Townsend and receiver Sammy Watkins. Coach Bruce Arians, meanwhile, does not appear to be big on trickeration. Only Brady and Blaine Gabbert made throws for the Bucs. A closing thought: Would Garo Yepremian’s infamous toss have counted?!


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